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Mosaic Youth Theatre Auditions

Audition Requirements:


Prepare and memorize a one minute monologue (Optional Monologue List) Or Read a monologue that you receive when you arrive for auditions.


Sing a song that you feel best showcases your vocal abilities. Songs must be performed without musical accompaniment and should be 1 minute in length.

List of song suggestions:

Audition Songs

  1. I'm Here - The Color Purple
  2. Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray
  3. Stand by My - Ben E. King
  4. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
  5. Diva's Lament - Spamalot
  6. I'm Not Afraid of Anything - Songs for a New World
  7. A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkston
  8. Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
  9. I will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
  10. I'll be There - Michael Jackson
  11. If You're Out There - John Legend
  12. Yesterday - Mary Mary
  13. Cloudburst - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
  14. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill
  15. Stand - Donnie McKlurkin

List of Monologue suggestions:

Male monologues

Brighton Beach Memoirs
By Neil Simon

Eugene - I better explain what she meant by Aunt Blanche’s “situation”. You see her husband Uncle Dave, died six years ago from this thing... They never say the word. They always whisper it. It was (he whispers) -cancer! I think they’re afraid if they say the word out loud, God would say, “I HEARD THAT! YOU SAID THE DREADED DISEASE!” (He points his finger down) JUST FOR THAT I SMITE YOU DOWN WITH IT!!!”... There are some things grownups just won’t discuss Anyway, after Uncle Dave died, he left Aunt Blanch with no money. Not even insurance. And she couldn’t support herself because she has (he whispers) -asthma... so my big hearted mother insisted we take her and her kids to live with us.

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
By August Wilson

Ruben - Ain’t no kids hardly live around here. I had me a friend but he died. He was the best friend I ever had. Me andEugine used to keep secrets. I still got his pigeons. He told me to let them go when he dies. He say, “Ruben, promise me when I dieyou’ll let my pigeons go.” But I keep them to remember him by. I ain’t never gonna let them go. Even when I get to be grown up. I’m just always gonna have Eugene’s pigeons.

Female monlogues

Catholic School Girls
By Casey Kurtti

Elizabeth (to God, as if she is in a church) - Hey, come on out, I want to talk to you. It’s me, Elizabeth. You can hide behind any statue in this place, but you better listen to me. I don’t know if you know this but after my grandmother moved in with us, everything was different. We used to sit in my roomafter school. She’d ask me questions about all sorts of things. Then she’d listen to my answers real close because she said I was an important person. You took her and I don’t think it’s fair. You’re supposed to do the right thing all the time. I don’t believe that anymore. You just like to punish people, youlike to inturrput their lives. You didn’t let me finish. She doesn’t know what I think, and I was almost ready to tell her.

Brighton Beach Memoirs
By Neil Simon

Nora - Okay! Here goes!... I am going to be in a Broadway show! It’s a musical called Abracadabra. This man, Mr. Beckman, he’s a producer, came to dancing class this afternoon and hepicked out three girls. We have to be at the Hudson Theatre on Mondaymorning at ten o’clock to audition for the dance director. But on the way out he took me aside and said the job was as good as mine. I have to call him tomorrow. I may have to go into town to talk to him about it. They start rehearsing a week from Monday and then it goes to Philadelphia, Wilmington and Washington... and then it comes to New York the second week in December.... I mean can you believe it? I’m gonna be in a Broadway show, momma!