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Address:   Office Hours:
2251 Antietam Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207 P: 313.872.6910
F: 313.872.6920
9am - 5pm est

Janice Berry Executive Vice President ext: 4004 jberry@mosaicdetroit.org
Joe Bailey Executive Administrative Assistant ext: 4014 jbailey@mosaicdetroit.org
Courtney Burkett Director of Acting Programs ext: 4007 cburkett@mosaicdetroit.org
Angela Hart Volunteer and Mentor Coordinator ext: 4006 ahart@mosaicdetroit.org
Andrew Huff Assistant Director of Acting ext: 4007 ahuff@mosaicdetroit.org
Jarrett Thomas Production Manager ext: 4022 jthomas@mosaicdetroit.org
Kelly Komlen-Amade First Stage Administrator ext: 4013 kkomlen@mosaicdetroit.org
Amanda Kremer Manager of Engagement ext: 4008 akremer@mosaicdetroit.org
Annette Madias Grants and Communications Manager ext: 4012 annette@mosaicdetroit.org
Samuel Pollak Finance Director ext: 4002 sam@mosaicdetroit.org
Aleesa Searcy Main Stage Administrator ext: 4025 asearcy@mosaicdetroit.org
Rick Sperling President and Artistic Director ext: 4001 rick@mosaicdetroit.org
DeLashea Strawder Director of Music Programs ext: 4015 delashea@mosaicdetroit.org
Kwamise Taylor Associate Music Director ext: 4015 ssmusic@mosaicdetroit.org
Michael Lopetrone Marketing and Development Assistant ext: 4021 mlopetrone@mosaicdetroit.org